Press Release

Press Release

New VStream TV Offers Unlimited Streamed TV Shows, Movies & Games For Free at

Westborough, MA — New online streaming player VStream TV lets consumers bypass monthly cable fees to watch virtually everything offered on cable at no charge. Owners of the streaming device watch seemingly limitless TV shows, movies, apps, and games all with impressive HD clarity.

“VStream TV is the answer for millions of Americans who are paying $200 per month and more for cable. Now you just get the VStream device and receive all that brand name programming for free. You save thousands per year while still enjoying your favorite shows and movies,” said Rich Cully of

In recent years consumers have learned to save on cable fees by opting for less expensive technologies like Roku, Hulu, and Amazon. Now offers all the same shows and movies at no charge. Those who use the inexpensive VStream TV multimedia player/entertainment gateway pay nothing to receive practically limitless quality content.

The player offers exceptional quality and clarity allowing 720P or 1080P videos to run smoothly. It uses a dual VS3 antennae for improved WiFi reception.  The device is Bluetooth ready meaning owners can hook up wireless gaming controls.

“This lets anyone take advantage of the exclusive gaming section. You can also hook up a wireless keyboard and mouse. And it doesn’t have to be our technology. Any keyboard or mouse will work. This is TV for the next generation. Many people enjoy the vast selection of video games offered for hours each day — all for free,” Cully said.

Consumers have often expressed delight in services like Roku and Hulu, but then disappointment at the limited selection of entertainment. VStream TV solves this problem by giving customers practically everything available on expensive cable.

The streaming device is easy to use. Simply connect to WIFI and to a TV or monitor. The player uses the Web to deliver very clear, detailed HD quality for thousands of TV shows, Movies, Apps, and Games.

The VStream player is available for far less than several months of cable. Consumers can purchase it at