Long Form Sales Page – 500 Words

Long Form Sales Page – 500 Words

Sell 3 to 5 Times as Many Real Estate Properties Using Proven Hypnosis and Subconscious Strategies



These are techniques top Realtors use to earn Six Figures. Now you can learn the simple 1-2-3 for claiming these little known methods for yourself.

Your Mind Can Do Amazing Things

The human brain is a very powerful thing. It’s said we only use about 2% of our brains. By tapping into your Subconscious Mind buried deep within, you can almost instantly explode your sales to levels you never dared to imagine.

Even better, you can use simple hypnosis techniques to skillfully guide clients to listing quickly, buying immediately, and enthusiastically staying with you through the closing.

While other Realtors in your office are struggling to push 1 or 2 sales through, you will be closing sales several times per week, even once a day!

Just imagine how your income will increase. Many Realtors who use these methods see a 5 to 10-fold increase in their commissions. Now you will have the extra cash to pay bills, buy a new luxury car, live in any neighborhood, easily afford all the extras in life, and frequently go on exciting vacations.

You will be envy of the office. No wonder top Realtors who use these techniques have been tight lipped about them. As experts in Hypnotherapy, Bio Feedback, Behavior Modification, NLP and Public Speaking, we see top producers using these techniques all the time. There is no question these advanced methods are the fuel behind their mind-blowing sales records.

We are Michele Guzy and Joe Tabanella. With decades of experience, We show realtors how to use easy influential techniques to use at listing presentations and buyer appointments to get hired as the enthusiastically preferred agent.