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Back in the 1990s Dr. Kevin Nunley practically invented article syndication. His articles were regularly featured on AOL, Prodigy, major websites, and big national business magazines. Within a year his readership approached 5 MILLION people weekly. And he did all that from a s-l-o-w computer on even slower dial-up (remember that?)

NO ONE writes articles that inform, persuade, convince, and impress like Kevin. He writes YOUR article that people will want to read...again and again. We put YOUR name on the article and you can put it on your site, blog, or distribute it to many top article directories where search engines and editors regularly look for quality content.

Each article is written fresh from scratch. I research your topic and write like I've been in your business for decades.

Yes, your link will get wide distribution in solid content which is what Google increasingly looks for. The "slap 'em together" articles of the past few years won't cut it today. So good-bye to all the $5 article writers and spun articles that have junked up the Web. It's back to solid, interesting content. We are here to help you lead the way!


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