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Kevin Nunley's CheapWriting.com gives you prompt, expert writing to help you get more sales, impress customers, and make your life easier.

I specialize in communicating your benefits in precise, interesting, exciting language. Ready to grab lots of prospects and close sales? I'm ready to help you.

CheapWriting.com was founded in 2000 by Dr. Kevin Nunley. As one of the Web's very first marketing expert/copywriters, Kevin started such innovations as:

Stating our fee right up front

Delivering your copy fast, often same-day

Communicating directly with customers

FREE advice anytime

Combining distribution with press releases and articles

Dr. Kevin Nunley's CheapWriting.com

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are professionals

Here is how I work. You place your order and tell me what you want your copy to promote. Many people send me a link to their site. I write your copy and email it to you for your approval. You let me know if you need any changes. I make the revisions and send your final copy to you. You're ready for success!

Over the years I've seen one thing as reliable as the sun coming up. 80% of my customers love their copy right away with no changes needed. 18% need a few small changes. Very few, maybe 2%, need extensive revisions which I am happy to make.

I insist on giving YOU ads, sales letters, press releases, and articles that are written fresh from scratch. You can't get better VALUE anywhere!


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