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"I was surprised at how quickly the leads starting coming in!" Paul Young.

"Thank you very much for your ad copy - it is fantastic! I'm very impressed with your high quality. I've already received three sales on my website!" Elizabeth Sinclair

"It's been an absolute pleasure working with you. I can't believe how FAST you are!" Karen White

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$5 3-line Classified Ad -- 3 lines of pure selling POWER that gets the job done for AdWords, ezines, sig file for email, posts, you name it! At this price stock up and get several.

$10 Meaty 50 Word Ad -- The standard for Ezines. Approx. 5 lines packed with the benefits and details that SELL your product, service, opportunity, or idea. We've NEVER had the gall to write these for less than $25, so get YOURS before we come to our senses.

$30 100-word Top Sponsor Ad -- Got its name from the days when one well-to-do customer would put their big attention commanding ad at the very beginning of ezines. Now you can use these quarter page ads for anything where a FAT mind-engaging ad is needed.

$75 Full Page Sales Letter 300 Words. Perfect for web pages, sales letters, FB about page, one sheet -- use your imagination. In the old economy we got $199 to write these. Now YOU get the same quality for a little bitty New Economy $75.

$85 Press Release with distribution and guaranteed placement on nearly 500 Major Media Sites like San Francisco Chronicle, Ask.com, Houston Chronicle, and Boston Globe just for starters.

$99 500-Word Expert Article with your name on it. And we will submit your article to the top article directories watched by editors and search engines. Yes, we know you can get articles written for $5 elsewhere on the Web, but we also know that article will read like a monkey wrote it. Maybe good enough to fool Google, but not your customers. Our article is an interesting, well written, expert piece that will make you look like a genius.

$199 5-Message Autoresponder Series. Just the right number of power packed sales letters to keep your prospects hot until they buy. This is what Automated Selling is really all about!

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